“The one who is not wavered by the norms, whose eyes reflect determination, and who glows within the crowd.”

BERT stands for a fiery, unwavering, and quick-witted individual; someone who shines bright. True to its name, it’s safe to say that BERT is scintillating!

Rooted in diversified cultures, BERT Clothing is a high-end streetwear clothing line designed particularly for the one who places high stakes in life. It focuses on selling quality-driven apparel that lends the all-inclusive youth a medium to express themselves in vogue! BERT Clothing is an out-and-out amalgamation of activewear and alternate clothing.

Inspired by the global street scenario, BERT Clothing is made in India, for the self-reliant Indian, by the self-reliant Indian. With innovative and highly diverse designs, BERT aims to create India’s name popular in the streetwear space globally.

Be at the top of your game, feel the hype, and up your street style vibe; BERT is more than just an apparel brand, it’s a mindset. It’s on a mission to inspire passion, creativity, and self-expression.
And, now that you are here, welcome to the mission. Never back down, never relent. We are here to make you ROAR, higher and stronger!

We envision the youth to use BERT reflective street wear as a tool to embark on a mission to reshape trends and think out of the box when it comes to comfort athliesure. We want to bring about a shift from the go-to not so comfortable denims to BERT’s ultra-cozy cargos and track pants that will not only be convenient but would come in sensational variations fit for any occasion.
BERT will be your steady companion in your quest to propagate the freedom of self- expression in India with its uber-cool reflective and high-end alternative views and CLOTHING.
The brand uses neoprene to make its UniBERT masks. Neoprene is an extremely unique material that is highly flexible, fire resistant, UV resistant, water proof, and completely non-toxic, hence favorable for all skin types! Any accessory or athliesure clothing at BERT will have reflective tapes as their key differentiator.